Ivan Baryshnikov Quartet
Post-bop jazz quartet, consisting of tenor saxophone, piano, acoustic bass and drums, this project represents the original composing approach of Ivan Baryshnikov.

Latest Release
Album Journey (2018), recorded in New York with pianist Marko Churnchetz, bassist Ryan Berg and drummer Samvel Sarkisyan, tells his dramatic life story. It’s about taking risks, searching for self and struggling toward a dream. The 10 original compositions are divided into three parts (representing the three places), separated by what Baryshnikov calls “flight soundtracks,” titled “Transition One: Moscow-Amsterdam” and “Transition Two: Amsterdam-New York.” The album features guest vocalists: Hiske Oosterwijk (The Netherlands) and Mark Evich (NYC). The album was recorded in New York City on December, 19th (2017) at Park West Studios, with a sound engineer Jim Clouse.

“Journey tells about an actual journey we did with my family from Moscow, Russia, where I was born and raised, moving to the Netherlands and then to New York, where the album was recorded. The whole story began when at some point of our life we decided to change everything, leave all we had in Moscow and just took off.”

Tim Armacost, Saxophonist (NYC)
“Journey is a crackling debut CD from Ivan Baryshnikov. The journey referenced in the title is Mr. Baryshnikov’s own odyssey from Moscow to New York, by way of the Netherlands. On the way he soaked up influences from all three cultures, and blended them into a personal sounding music that is at once contemporary, and, not just rooted in the tradition of acoustic jazz, but passionately devoted to it. This is highly enjoyable, inviting, creative music with nothing held back.”

Donald Edwards, Drummer (NYC)
"This offering of compositions from Ivan Baryshnikov is a great start to something that stems from the music of his generation while at the same time being forward thinking and well thought out in concept.”

JAZZIZ Magazine
"The saxophonist weaves some seriously intricate lines into the song’s complex harmony, but the tune also packs plenty of groove and melodicism."
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All About Jazz
"It's a well-conceived set of ten original pieces, with a convincing display of post-bop chops from the leader and his bandmates."
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Interview by Debbie Burke
"This CD is characterized by Baryshnikov’s amazing tone and softness, with a soulful vibrato he uses to turn up the emotion."
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