Two types of lessons are available at the moment.

🎷 Saxophone Playing:
• Choosing the right gear: reeds, mouthpiece, saxophone.
• Building a dynamic sound: full timbre in all registers.
• Playing technique: articulation, altissimo, fast tempos, etc.
• Improvisation: scales, melodic and rhythmic vocabulary, transcriptions.
• Building your repertoire: choosing genre and style, learning tunes.
• Composing your own music, using saxophone.

I help with all the aspects of saxophone playing from choosing the right gear to learning and performing your favourite repertoire of tunes. Together we make a plan, set artistic goals, and design an every day routine to achieve them.

Music Artistic Identity:
• Understanding your personality
• Being empowered by your biographical background
• Fixing your mindset and vision
• Choosing your artistic direction
• Mastering your music style
• Defining your audience

I help with setting your artistic goals, making a plan and designing an every day routine to achieve them.

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Timo Besamusca, saxophone player (The Netherlands):
"On every aspect where I wanted to improve my skills as a saxophone player, Ivan gave me the exact knowledge and techniques that I needed for that! Ivan is not only a brilliant saxophonist, he is a very knowledgeable teacher, I highly recommend him to intermediate to advanced players who are really serious about improving their skills as a saxophonist!"

Alina Rybnikova, mother of Sava (The Netherlands):
“Ivan is very patient and professional even with the smallest students. He creates a safe space and adapts the approach so that it is in the best interest of a student.”

Nina Chatsisvili, composer (The Netherlands):
"I contacted Ivan for music composition lessons. Soon I realized that he does not only teach music composition; instead he takes a holistic approach in music teaching, an approach that encompasses the development of an artist both in terms of the creative/technical aspect (songwriting, composition, music theory, etc) as well as the business aspect (image and branding, marketing, social media etc). This approach makes Ivan unique. Furthermore, he is a nice guy with good sense of humour and a supportive teacher, which makes the lessons always enjoyable. I would highly recommend Ivan to anyone who is interested in building a professional career in the music industry. He is more than a teacher. He will be your mentor and your coach!"

Ekaterina Blednykh, multi-instrumentalist (Russia):
“I believe Ivan is a rare person among musicians and teachers, and among people in general. He combines the best human qualities and professional qualities and, thanks to that, our communication developed easily from the first time we met. In a very short period of time, I received enormous benefits for myself from the classes. My self-esteem as a musician, being underestimated, began to "recover". I feel support as a friend and I completely trust Ivan on any musical aspects - playing an instrument, arranging, composition, career development. And I can always receive an objective view from the outside and needed mentorship. I appreciate Ivan sincerely.”

Ras Eddy Rashid, trumpet player (Bali):
"I had a lesson with Ivan Baryshnikov and was humbled by the experience. As soon as the session began with Ivan I was calmed and my attention was sharp with his presence. Ivan is a wonderful teacher who closely listens to the students. Ivan puts the wonder back into music and that is something that is needed in this world. He set an objective calming tone of the session that gave me the confidence to practice hard again. Plus he's just a good bro who kills the sax. I hope to have another lesson soon once I've mastered the essentials. Thanks, Ivan."
Valery Mukaev, saxophone player (Russia):
“I was taking lessons with Ivan for three months by Skype. I was interested in improving my composing skills, working on new rhythms and organising my practice routine in a right way. I have only positive impressions: the material was structured, examples he gave were from both reputable sources and his personal experience. New information was explained in a very accessible way and without useless talks. He helped me to track my progress by analysing the results. In terms of scheduling a lesson Ivan was very organised, responsible and flexible.
It is great that he loves what he does and shares his experience and knowledge about music. I recommend him to everybody!”

Stefan Cuppen, saxophone player (The Netherlands):
“Ivan knows music! He knows how to play it, he knows how to teach it. His magic as a teacher is to break the music theory into little understandable pieces so it becomes a tool in the practice room. He has good ideas how to practice all this different stuff and finally start making your own music out of it, doesn’t matter what level you are in. His starting point is what you want to learn and he goes from there. By doing so he gives me the opportunity to play tunes I always thought they where out of my league. Because he can put the theory straight into practice, I play my saxophone way more often and those boring practice routine stuff becomes fun, because it makes sense doing it. Besides all that Ivan is a very nice guy and it is a lot of fun studying with him.”

Philosophy of Education
I believe that every person has a unique musical voice and should have an educational environment where he or she can discover and develop it. My desire is to create this type of atmosphere where students can explore their music talent.
I am acting more as a mentor, showing students all the possibilities and providing all the necessary music tools, so they are able to see different choices and let their curiosity direct the studying.
I create a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas, take risks and are not afraid to make mistakes. I let students make a progress in their own tempo and manner.

​Students are the best source of knowledge, inspiration and growth. I say “one is teaching, two are learning”.