Ivan was born in Moscow, Russia in 1990 in a family of engineers. Parents introduced him to music as a most loved art form of his family, where each member can play an instrument, although no one had a career in music. Ivan started to receive a common music education at Sergey Prokofiev Music School No1 from the age of 6, beginning with a recorder (flute) and later switched to an alto saxophone at the age of 10. At the same time he was visiting a dance class and studied folk and classical dances. At the age of 16 he saw a live performance of hard bop jazz quintet and it changed his life forever - Ivan decided to focus on music, become a professional musician and took a way independent of a family tradition. After graduating from the music school with honours, Ivan Baryshnikov began his studies at Moscow College of the Arts (2006 - 2010) with a main instrument teacher Janna Ilmer (alto saxophonist), which later led to a higher music education at Russian Gnesins Academy of Music (2010 - 2015) with the most famous Russian jazz and saxophone educator Alexander Oseichuk, successfully graduating with honours. On that moment Ivan Baryshnikov has been already leading his own musical projects in Russia and was a demanded musician, invited by numerous ensembles and bands, touring internationally.

While attending Russian Gnesins Academy of Music in Moscow, Ivan Baryshnikov spent two summers at workshops in Amsterdam held by the Manhattan School of Music, studying with Jazz Masters Dick Oatts, John Riley, Justin DiCioccio. Opening new country and culture was another turning point in Ivan's life - he decided to move to The Netherlands with his wife and receive a Masters Degree in music at Prince Claus Conservatoire (Groningen, The Netherlands) with an exchange semester in New York City, USA where he had a great chance to study with Seamus Blake, Guillermo Klein, Misha Tsiganov, Tim Armacost, David Binney, Don Braden, David Berkman, Jerry Bergonzi, Spike Wilner, Matt Wilson, Gene Jackson, Freddie Bryant, Deborah Brown, Michael Mossman, JD Walter, Jonathan Kreisberg, Paul Berner, Michael Moore, Miguel Martinez, Steve Altenberg, Joris Teepe and more.

During an exchange semester spent in New York City, Ivan recorded the album Journey (2018), telling a story of moving between three countries, becoming a new father and discovering a new musical personality inside. Read about the project. That experience along with a Master Research on finding a personal voice in jazz music resulted to a self identity awareness both in life and music, and let Ivan Baryshnikov become an artist with a unique voice, and design a method of artistic development based on exploration of artist’s identity and self reflection which he successfully applies in a teaching practice.

From 2019 Ivan is residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with his family. Currently Ivan is working on the next album "Resurface", expected to be released in 2021. #Resurface2021